Sunday, April 5, 2015

My trade

My Crafty Lunchbox, you may be asking yourself “What is a Crafty Lunchbox?”. Well Crafty Lunchbox is what will hopefully be something I can use to meet my health and craft goals, and hopefully inspire others! I like to craft particularly like to sew, I do a lot of geeky craft projects.  Currently I have been spending A LOT of time sewing. Mostly Dice bags for D&D (Yes I am that level of geek) and other geeky projects. 

 Recently I decided that I need to eat healthier and to do that I needed to stop eating out, stop drinking soda, and most importantly stop eating work cafeteria food! So I started to make my own “Bento” themed (Japanese style lunches). After a few weeks of doing this and college catching up to me I had 0 time to do anything including eating, I also gained 20lbs eating out. So I committed to making myself lunch every day for the week, and I wanted a reason to do so. Well I solved that by crafting myself a gorgeous a Japanese style lunch bag. I knew by doing this I would want to have a reason to show off the bag.  

Here's to trying to better myself! and Here's for YOU trying to better yourself !!

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